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Sale of Nicholsons Corruflex
Spiral Wound Gasket Business

Nicholson Sealing Technologies are delighted to announce the sale of their Corruflex spiral wound gasket business to Grange Gaskets Ltd.  The sale was completed on 13th March 2003.  May we thank our customers for ordering spiral wound gaskets from Nicholsons and strongly recommend Grange to you for your current and future needs.


Why the sale?

For many years the manufacture and supply of Corruflex spiral wound gaskets has been an important part of Nicholsons core business.

In October 2002 two Nicholson companies, which had specialised separately in aerospace and industrial market sectors, were merged.

To take maximum advantage of the merger Nicholsons is now focussing on the design and manufacture of metal seals and gaskets. It has therefore been decided to sell our spiral wound gasket manufacturing resources to a reputable company. An important factor in choosing a buyer has been their strength to maintain the standards of quality and service which Nicholsons are proud to give to all customers.

What will change for our existing sealing customers?

In a word, nothing, except that  we look forward to developing ever closer partnerships with our customers which will strengthen our reputation as a leading provider of metal seals, gaskets and components worldwide. 

What will change for our Corruflex spiral wound gasket customers?

From 13th March 2003, Grange Gaskets Ltd have taken over the Corruflex business from us. With Grange's long experience and excellent reputation in the industry, we are confident that Grange is well positioned to fully satisfy the needs of all of Nicholsons Corruflex customers henceforth.

Grange Gaskets (Bradford) Ltd.
Carnarvon Works,
Bolton Lane,
BD2 1AE.
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0)1274 734238
Fax: 44 (0)1274 306594
email: sales@grangegaskets.com
Website: www.grangegaskets.com