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Nicholsons UK ERP System goes Live!

The project plan to replace Nicholsons UK existing Manufacturing Planning and Accounting packages has been successfully completed on time. Nicholsons UK chose Jobshop as their preferred MRP solution. Jobshop is a globally used manufacturing and production control system that delivers high value functionality to a range of industrial sectors, primarily in the manufacturing, production and business management areas. The decision was announced internally in February, and "Go Live" was achieved in just eight weeks due to the fantastic support of both Nicholsons and Jobshop Support personnel - thanks to all who helped on the project!

Shop Floor Planning Board
   Nicholsons UK now has all Operational activities covered by a single system. The use of Jobshop is being continually developed and expanded, and is resulting in a greater level of accurate operational performance information and better business decisions being made.

Production Planning

Shop Floor Data Capture